Next Events : SOG - Oct 30th, 2010 - 10 AM

10/28/10 Son of Godzulla 2010 RESULTS. Here is the NEW slightly altered 2010 SOG Course Map. Download and Print Cue sheet. It’s up to you to know course. It was just marked with fresh White,Blue,and Orange Paint today (Thurs). We just got rid of 1st two climbs before Thomas (Boudes Ferry). So now, it is 5 miles less and about 20 min less time. It’s going to make great video footage of everyone hitting Thomas together. We’ve determined that this is the new mascot Baby Godzulla. This is what you will feel like after ride. Watch this SOG 2005 Video. For now, plan on Oct 30th, 2010 at 10 A.M. at the top of Grant’s Pass. We are going “Old School” on this year’s event. That means those who are timed you must carry your own water/food the whole ride (or you can hit the pony keg at mile 32 and 60). Should only be 3 bottles with current weather prediction. No more wussie handups. If you plan on doing sneaky handups we will find out and you will be stricken from the results for eternity. Let it be written…..!!!!! Prepare accordingly. Also NEW this YEAR is Tailgate Style Party, which means if you supply something on the approved list by 10.28.10 at 6 p.m. and approved your entry fee is FREE. This is only if you contact me at in advance. We go shopping on Thursday night. Things on list are the following:

  • 6 pack of GOOD beer plus a dish (exotic only..Anthony Bourdain type food, no hot dogs and hamburger or cole slaw)
  • Paint the course (3 entry fee’s),
  • Mow the property grass (4 entry fee’s),
  • SAG vehicles (2 entry fee’s),
  • Timer/Results Person (2 entry fee’s),
  • Videographer (experienced with helper 4 entry fee’s),
  • generator person (1 + gas) more to come.
  • The plan is to spread the work out and keep the entry fees low and keep the event alive. You can show up and pay full entry fee as well. It will be altered little 72 mile course with a few hills as usual and a little climb at finish. The Decathalon is being planned right now. I can only say it will involve Disco Music, Duct Tape, Gags, Blinders, Strange Food. There will be Cash and/or Merch for Winner. Stay tuned for more updates in the upcoming week. Course looks great. Scroll down to get all the links and things from last year’s SOG. Same everything else.

    11/16/2009 If you have a minute of your life to waster watch this Chicken Police Video. Here is a SOG 8 Mini Doc to tide you over til results and story. Thanks to Mike C. Here is SOG START/FINISH MAP.Watch a previous Weil Hill Battle in 2007 for even more motivation to stay in shape. Day of Reg/Pickup is 9-9:45 only for main group. Local Article. Here is the SOG 2009 COURSE! Local Article. This nice little article EXPLAINS alot about pack dynamics and people in general so don’t get mad when someone spits at you, yells, swerves, freeks out, it’s just their reptilian brain taking over. Thats why they are calm in person then superdick on the bike. It’s just their brain so don’t blame them. Get Ready for SOG 2009 “The Year of the UnderDog” Watch this for Motivation. This One is great too. If you have a mirror, dangling saddle bag, tube socks, funny bike, no need to worry. Listen to This Speech for Extra Motivation. That’s a real tearjerker. Let’s gang up on the jocks and block the road with our dangling saddle bags. It’s a GO! This will turn out to be a nice filler in between cross races. Meanwhile, 2009 Tour de Beer 2 RESULTS Ver. 1.0 Send back comments/corrections and will correct for final version. Look at 2008 TDB RESULTS. Then Register for 2009 TDB HERE. That was “Superstar” John Murdock winning last year’s Tour de Beer. He made it look soooo easy….Rumor is he gained 60 pounds and watches TV all day according to youngster prodege Brad Schaeffer. If your bored go to trashtalk and start something up for the coming year. Let’s face it Masters, I think it’s time to go visit Mr. Private. Ya’ll come on out and get out the cobwebs at Tour de Beer. Dollar per mile raced and after activities…you can’t beat the price. This ain’t no fluffy 40 min crit. This is real road race distances. Co-Sponsored by Gears for Beers once again. All proceeds are going to replenish empty beer fund account.

    11.06.08 Check out these 2008 SOG PHOTO’S. Here is the Son of Godzulla 2008 RESULTS VER. 2.0. Look over and send any other corrections within a week and then we will make final corrections. If you know of any blog’s or stories on event please send and I’ll put up a link. Here is a 2005 SOG Video. This is the SOG 2008 ROUTE. Thanks to all for helping and riding making this another successful event. Now, sit back in your cubicle and remember. Brand NEW START/FINISH!!!!. Check out this Rider’s Story. Look at last year’s PHOTOS and 2006 Results for entertainment purposes. Note: This is primitive site with no water, bathroom,etc…Please bring Toilet Paper, Tent (just in case), and Sun Shower (others will thank you) if your hanging out after. Now there will be louder music, camping available, cigars, animal heads, karaoke, more food, more beer, a decathalon (involving drinking and sporting events) Note: you MUST complete challenge to enter, and much much more! A Big thanks to Angie K. for getting the property at finish. Thank her personally for it! Also, to Tim G. for talking me into cutting the fat out of previous courses and adding some new things. Also, to a contingent of unknown rider’s starting horrible rumors that my courses are becoming too fluffy. This year will be the response to that rumor! There will be many updates in the days upcoming. Check back early and often. This is definitely the best course of All Time. You seriously don’t want to miss this one. If you need a UCI approved edge try AcidZapper to de-acidify yourself and gain more aerobic power. Disclaimer: This Wonderful route is extremely taxing, technical, and requires a high level of biking skills and mental focus. We require at least 3 years experience riding (more importantly is your a safe rider). Normal riding on road rules apply. We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone for any reason. This is a private event just like joining the Shriner’s. Ex. Rider X that has 15 yrs experience, known squirrel, wrecks often, asshole = DECLINED. If your in doubt about any of previous please send email and the secret 5 panel SOG committee will review your app. Sorry to those who have been declined so far. You will get a Full Refund and don’t take it personal. If you’ve competed in past your safe. This is not for a beginner or newer rider. There are 50+ mph descent’s and narrow roads. This is a TOUR!!! Single file and to the right on all descents. Don’t be a bonehead and ruin it for everyone!

    5.18.08 Ok Here are the 2008 Godzulla Results and Story. A big thanks to Gary Gross and his wife for their sacrifice so all of us could come out and play. Also, to the Delong Family out in Mayhill area for the Feed. Godzulla 2008 Map with Cue Sheet under Notes. This amazing course gives you a taste of everything. There are lots of Flats, Crosswinds, Tailwinds, Rollers, Bigger Rollers, Some Hills, and most noticably killer scenery with unbelievable Wildlife and Foliage all around. It almost feels like you just float over everything..”almost”. It overlaps some of the Chili and BCBCBC for you locals plus much..much..more. How to Fuel. ..Start/Finish at Car, Beach at finish, Easy start time, Flatter course…? Course is Now marked. Expect to see grouse, fox, turkey, deer, woodchuck, osprey, turkey vultures, muskrat, baltimore orial, black snakes, and several crack houses.

    4.15.08 Whew, taxes are done. That looked like a hard Tour de Beer race for Finisher John Murdock of Huntington Bank Cincinnati,OH! In the meanwhile, til more info, here is a Nice Gift for your better half. I think it will work better than flowers and last alot longer. I’m sure both of you will enjoy. Here are someTales from the Creekistan Godzulla 07′. Thank God they were there! Se il tuo vero smart potrete capire come tradurre tutto questo jibberish. 1998 Cyclocross story and results in cincy,oh. Shermer Abducted by Aliens? ¿Qué piensa usted de eso? The Ressurectionซซิเลียงบินที่มีชื่อว่า “Silvia” Mashiwa Rampage Jr. ที่ชอบเครื่องจักร และพวกเขาก็พัฒนาเครื่อพร่ขยาย แล้ว, hence, HTUPSYCHOCROSS. Look at his left leg? I hope was ok after that jump? ์strange optical illusion for males onlyที่เตรีร้าง “Missing Goat.” เพืบริสุทธิ์ Wow Check this Pro Cycling Managerout. Looks cool.
    แก่เกาะปังยสัมพันธ์กับ Want Terawatts? Or, at least see what you putting out?”Silvia Canon”
    ดังนั้นทิศทางพื่อ furthermore, Floid Landis and David Zabriske head to Cincinnati (past tense) and Kirk Albers falls on final descent still beating Floid at Nationals.ระวขวาง Secret Paul E. Training Manual. Do not decode above items. Secret language for subscribers only. Do not translate!

    3.16.08 Tour de Beer 2008 Results. Thanks again all for coming out. Super Fast RACE! Good Time had by All. This Trophy was developed with the help of a few beers,powertools, and junk parts last minute from primarily Frazier C. and myself. Yes, blood was shed to make this trophy. This trophy will travel year to year to new 40+ Old Fart Champion. Like a passing of the guard if you will. I will take good care of it in meantime. Come out and take it from me next year please. Here is Tour de Beer RACE FLYER! This is a cycling event to raise awareness and money for correct beer drinking. Flat, Fast, and Friendly! Just east of Cincinnati,OH. Unfortunately, there is a local club with a severe problem. Beer fund is running dry and needs to be replenished for 2008 season. Most likely there will be free beer after race. When it’s gone it’s gone though. Multiple categories to pick from. There is a terrible dilemma going on at John’s Podcast whether to wear your collar up or down. Please visit and make a comment on guy in red shirt. Stay Tuned for more updates. This looks like PHOTO of gravel Godzulla 06′ descent?

    Here is a nice little story of S & M 2008. Those are 3 chasers going up Toaster chasing Jake R. on 1st lap of Schabobele 2008. ர் கஞ்ஜபத்³ கஞ்ஜாருணம் .. ௧..கஂத³ர்ப் அக³ணித் அமித் ச²பி³ நவ் நீல் நீரஜ் ஸுன்த³ரம் ….Furthermore, here are a few more stories Schabob 08′ winnerand Schabobalicious. ..

    11.29.2007 Kirk Albers wins by whopping 4 min! Here is AARP (50+) member Gary “Chicken Legs” Gorrell EXPLODING and doing push-ups on final climb!SOG VIDEO of Weil Hill leaders. Getting closer to Final SOG 07 Results. PHOTOS OF SOG 2007. Go look, then buy some, then paste all over your walls and admire yourselves. Summary: Slow out, Pee Break, Hard on Hills, Kirk Albers wins by 4 min, G4B Trashed as usual, Don’t drink moonshine and DANCE! Gary Gorrell shatters pack, then amuses folks with guitar prowess, shots were consumed, Photo of Goatboy after crossing finish line (view at own risk), fertility god admired, buzzed people, live band, drunk cyclocross, singing angers local residents, pig head retrieved. A good time was had by all. Thanks to all help once again. If you have any photos or know of any blog forum’s or stories please send in and I’ll post. Here is Map my Ride thanks to Greg F. for those with Garmin’s. Overall 2007 SOG View and 2007 Cuesheet. Here are last year’s 2006 SOG results.

    This is the infamous Thongman. He is notorious around the country. Watch this VIDEO of Race Fan.Here are the Schabobele 2007 and Mentor 2007 Beta Results!Great Race yesterday. PHOTOS of Schabobele 2007. It was actually 22 at start and 24 at finish with full Sun and light winds. Mentor was Cloudy and felt colder to some.Big thanks to all the Indiana University riders who came out! Congrats to all Winners and everyone who braved the cold and 7 hills Cycling came through with massive volunteers. I think the volunteers doubled day of and that’s a First! Thanks again! Who was the lady driver who stopped and threw a cone at you guys???Look at Hampston winning Giro. New Mentor 2007 and Schabobele 2007 Flyers. Registration at Flintlocks Map.The Schabobele 06′ Course Map.Schabob 05′ Story. Canadian’s Interpertation of last year.

    12/22/06- The Tandem leads chase group into the forest! Watch this movie of Horrendous Schabob 2003″ conditions. Unofficial SOG 06′ Results ver. 2.0.Photos courtesy of Wayne Litmer.Well, that was a nice one. We had 60 brave souls registered and about 10 or so others darting out from sidestreets, which made a nice pack going down 52. We had a very civil pee break as well. Of course, All riders(100%) that entered the neutral zone early succumbed to cramps, rides in cars,muscles jumping off bones (again), and getting lost in wilderness. It’s the “Jinx” of the Neutral zone attack! Lots of stories going around slowly filtering in. Please SEND ALL VIDEO/PHOTOS and STORIES to Godzulla and I will put together something extra nice this year! Hope everyone had fun and is not too hungover. Out for now!



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